Spectacle Frames & Sunglasses

We provide a wide selection of eyewear that caters to all age group, including eyewear for babies and children. Some of the best selling brands includes Braun Buffel, Burberry, Coach, Dun, Lafont, Miraflex, Police, Staffan Preutz Design, Swissflex, Tag Heuer, Tomato etc. There are also a wide range of inexpensive eyewear to choose from.

Spectacle/Ophthalmic lenses

We collaborate with the best laboratories in Singapore and around the world to provide the best solutions to your visual needs.

Contact Lenses

We prescribe and fit all types of contact lenses.
  • Soft Disposable Contact Lenses

    Dailies, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Astigmatism/Toric, Multifocals, Coloured.

  • Soft Conventional Contact Lenses

    Spherical, Astigmatism/Toric

  • Ortho-K Lenses
  • Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses (also known as Hard Lenses)

    Spherical, Astigmatism/Toric, Bifocals, Multifocals.

  • Specialty Customised Contact Lenses

    Scleral Lenses, Hybrid Lenses, Prosthetic Lenses etc. Made to fit irregular corneas caused by accident or eye conditions eg: Keratoconus, Ectasia etc.

Sports Eyewear/Goggles

Regardless of an individual's age and skill, every athlete's eyes are targets for injury. Under most circumstances, sports-related eye injuries can be prevented with the proper use of protective sports eyewear.

We offer prescriptive swimming goggles for children and adults too!

Safety Glasses

All prescriptive safety glasses sold comply with:
  • USA Standard ANSI Z87.1
  • Singapore Standards SS473
  • European Standards EN166:2001 for indicated models


Be sure to inform us of your safety need. The type and style of frame is an important factor in determining how much protection your eyewear will provide.

Eyewear & Contact Lens Accessories

  • Cords & Chains

    Practical and fashionable. These cords & chains for eyewear come in a variety of materials & colours.

  • Eyeglass cleaning supplies

    Keep your focus clear & bright with our high-quality eyeglass care products. We have lens spray cleaners, cleaning cloths, care kits & more.

  • Clip on/& Over-Glasses Sunglasses

    Offers fast and easy sun protection for your prescripted eyeglasses.

  • Contact Lens Solution & Cases
  • Contact Lens Inserter/Remover