Meet Our Optometrist


M.Sc. Clinical Optom (U.S.A)

Miss Chen received her Diploma in Optometry from Singapore Polytechnic with a Distinction in her final year project titled 'Ocular Surface Temperature Profile in Singapore Adults aged 40 to 80' and presented her paper at the 8th National Congress of Optometry and Opticianry. After another three years of intense professional education, she received her Bachelor's degree and Master of Science in Clinical Optometry from Salus University, Pennsylvania College of Optometry (P.C.O), well respected for its clinical training. Her research project titled 'Prevalence of Non-Strabismic Binocular Vision Anomalies in Singaporean Teenagers Aged 13-15 years old in Optometric Practices' (supervised by Dr Andrew R Buzzelli, O.D. Associate Professor at Salus University), was given the Honours award.

Her clinical experience post graduation has been greatly enriched by 3 different professional settings.

At the Government and Private Hospital Eye clinic, she works with the Ophthalmologist (Eye Doctors), prescribing accurate glasses and contact lens prescription, as well as, facilitate in the management of numerous eye diseases such as corneal irregularity, dry and red eyes, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy etc. At the private Optical practice in Singapore, she practices full scope optometry where she performed comprehensive eye examination, contact lens services (including specialty lenses), vision therapy to enhance visual efficacy in reading, and detect any eye problem or disease.

Miss Chen is a member of the Singapore Optometric Association and the American Academy of Orthokeratology. She enjoys optometry which allows her to meet people, and constantly challenges her in problem solving. Her interests include myopia control with Orthokeratology, specialty contact lens fitting, consumer education and vision therapy for binocular vision anomalies.

She also actively participates in vision outreach programs both locally and overseas.

At CDAC event, Ruth performing eye examination
Ruth holding a speech in a school.

At Carnival@461, Ruth performing eye examination (Vision Screening at Chai Chee).